What To Expect As A New Client

Sapphire Wealth Planning is a fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm. The term fee-only means that we are compensated solely by the fees paid to us by the clients we serve. The benefit of this approach is that our clients know exactly how much they’re paying for financial advice. Most importantly, we’re not interested in pushing you into an unnecessary product just to reap our own personal financial rewards.

Developing your personal financial strategy is a comprehensive process. Here is what you can expect when meeting Melissa of Sapphire Wealth Planning. Generally, the first three meetings will occur during a four- to six-week window.

Meeting One

Your first meeting with Melissa of Sapphire Wealth Planning is complimentary. We will discuss your needs and talk about how we can help you.

Meeting Two

Your second meeting requires you to bring various financial documents such as your tax returns, pay stubs, employee benefits plans and current investment statements.

At that time, we’ll have a deeper conversation about your goals and what you want to accomplish.

Meeting Three

For your third meeting, Melissa will analyze your financial information and present a comprehensive plan, including various reports generated to assist her in creating your strategy.

Each financial plan includes a balance sheet, cash flow analysis, income tax projection, investment management, insurance review and estate plan review.

Quarterly Meetings

Having your financial goals laid out in a long-term strategy that’s reviewed on a regular basis is absolutely critical. We will have quarterly meetings to assess your plan.