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Top 9 Money Tips for New Parents

I’m writing this as I await the arrival of another grandson, which made me ponder how money management will become an even more important part of his parents’ lives. Now with two college educations to save for, while also saving for the new home they are currently building, and their
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Money Tips for Single Women

Money Tips for Single Women By Melissa Ellis MS, CFP®, CDFA® If you’re divorced or separated, money management will become an important part of your life. While it may be true that money can’t buy or ensure happiness, your ability to manage your finances can play a large role in your
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How Does Income Inequality For Women Affect Their Retirement?

This is an academic research paper written as part of my M.S. in Personal Financial Planning degree program. It discusses how the effect of leaving and re-entering the workforce, in addition to the practice of paying women less, changes the quality of their retirement readiness. Abstr
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